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As a family business and key player within its focus sectors, CITELE Group is recognised for its high technical quality services as for its responsiveness. The Group takes action as a strategic partner supporting innovative, challenging and technically complex projects.

  • Energy Industry
  • Aviation Industry
Prototyping Foundry

Prototyping Foundry Aluminum

An innovative virtual foundry approach combined with 3D printing of sand moulds permitting the achievement of a perfect prototype within 10 days.
Series Production Foundry

Series Production Foundry Aluminum

Mass-production of aluminum, moulded and cored complex parts through a Gravity Casting Foundry.
Machining – Assembly

Machining – Assembly Aluminum

Starting from a raw part, a complex sub-assembly with high added-value is elaborated, ready to be integrated into its new environment.

Welding Stainless Steel, Steel, Superalloys

High precision work that requires strong expertise related to metals and alloys.
Mechanical welding on large format with/or on complex geometry parts.
Machining – Assembly

Machining – Assembly Stainless Steel, Steel, Superalloys

On the grounds of a referential drawing or of a digital definition, various processes are completed (turning, milling, drilling, tapping, threading, boring, counterboring...) before a complex assembly and quality controls.

Metrology Stainless Steel, Steel, Superalloys

Integrated laboratory allowing the completion of various measurements and controls (torque, strength, temperature, hygrometry, three-dimensional measurements...) that are essential to obtain quality certificates to comply with the protocol in force.

Support of Customised Project With the Bird Package :

As the development of an efficient project requires the implication of trustworthy business partners alongside multiple domain experts, we have launched
“The Bird Package” :
an agile approach that combines complex skills to support your project in full :
logo blanc Bird Package Groupe CITELE

Regarding your specific challenges, please access customised services regarding all our experts, technical performances and service provisions.
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    CITELE Group

    simulation de coulée aluminium sur Magmasoft


    Rapid Aluminum Foundry,
    optimised by simulation
    (3D printed sand moulds)
    (prototypes and pre-series)
    Pièce en aluminium produite par SICTA en cours de test sur une machine de mesures tridimensionnelles automatisées


    Aluminum foundry,
    machining and assembly
    of complex parts
    (mass production)
    pièces usinage de précision par Citele Industrie Offemont


    Machining (steel, stainless steel and superalloys)
    of technical complex parts,
    welding and assembly
    (prototypes, small and medium-scale series)
    France Hungary China carte du monde bleu sur fond blanc

    Founded in 1969 by Pierre d’ALES, CITELE
    gave itself the means to grow and to progressively establish itself
    as an industrial Group on a global scale.

    CITELE, Developers of Customised Industrial Solutions for 50 years

    After 30 years of dedication towards the company's growth, Pierre d'ALES, the founder, handed over the Group's lead to his two sons, André and Frédéric to whom he successfully transmitted his passion for his profession, the value of the satisfaction provided to customers as well as his taste for challenge.
    Deux hommes se serrent la main en symbole de leur collaboration fructueuse : Groupe Citele Créateurs de solutions industrielles
    Production and
    Engineering Sites
    Years of Various
    Domain Expertise
    1 Million
    Vehicles equipped
    accross the globe
    multi-skilled Collaborators Supporting Your Projects

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