Executive Director SICTA KFT, Peter Timko

Peter TIMKO becomes the Executive Director of SICTA KFT

It is an inspiring story that is Peter TIMKO’s, whom CITELE Group recently appointed to the position of Executive Director of its Hungarian business unit, SICTA KFT.

This promotion comes on top of the Group’s development strategy in order to open SICTA (established in France, Hungary and China) towards new markets and sectors on a national and international scale.


Peter TIMKO, a journey to success 


Peter TIMKO was born in a small village in a particularly poor area of Hungary. Nevertheless, the support from his family enabled him to integrate the University of Miskolc where his appeal for figures and mathematics led him to graduate in Mechanical Engineering. As a leader at heart, he spends the 15 following years developing his skills, his knowledge and his expertise in various domains. 

He begins his professional career by working with various prestigious international companies (Electrolux, Bosch…) from which he adopted working methods (or how to lead a successful career plan) that he applied to build his own management style : only 10 months after his first experience, Peter was offered a leadership position. He now realises that management and leadership truly matches his professional aspirations.

Yet, he keeps in mind that technical skills only represent one part of his profession alongside staff and sales management. Thus, he completes his studies at the University of Miskolc as an economist

Mr. TIMKO begins to specialise himself in supplier markets development. He manages quality and Lean Management issues on a daily-basis for 6 years before taking up new challenges as a Production Manager

He then becomes Executive Director in the same company where he collaborated with experienced professionals that still inspire him to this day as he is constantly searching for new approaches to improve his results and skills. 


SICTA KFT, a new step in his progression


Thanks to his rich experience and to his hardworking nature, Peter integrated SICTA KFT (Hungary) in 2018 as a Site Manager where his first tasks were to reorganise the production site’s structure, to boost the team’s motivation and to develop the notoriety of the company:

 “What I prefer at SICTA is my team; I am lucky enough to have reliable, young and motivated collaborators which make daily tasks easier and nourishes an enthusiastic and motivating working environment. I enjoy working with them each day. We work hard to improve ourselves day after day as the automobile industry always comes with great pressure but a good team spirit enables to overcome difficult moments.”


The achievement of an undeniable technical expertise


As the Executive Director, Peter TIMKO must now manage the work organisation within a team of 200, while optimising his production efficiency as well as ensuring permanent client satisfaction:Our collaborators have a great sense of autonomy : once the performance indicators and objectives are set up, everyone organises themselves at the best of their abilities to reach them.” 

He adds: “Since my arrival at SICTA, I was able to develop my professional (management, financial or strategic challenges) and personal skills, which I am the most grateful for. I also learned to master the characteristics and specificities of sand core-making, of the gravity casting foundry and also technologies used in machining.” 


SICTA, its capabilities and prospects for the future


The company is specialised in casting, machining and assembly of moulded and cored complex aluminum parts in mass-production. SICTA also has strong and recognised expertise in the making of parts with an inner water cooling system.

Before the start of each project, SICTA takes action in the co-engineering steps to guarantee to its clients the best feasability / price ratio. SICTA then ensures the implementation of the production process alongside strict compliance with the monitoring plan and with Quality – Cost – Delay performance requirements.

However, on account of the energy revolution in progress within each industrial sector, SICTA reinvents itself and is now ready to capture new markets. Thanks to a strong and globally recognised expertise, multi-skilled teams of experts with high flexibility in order to successfully adapt to new challenges, as highlighted by Peter TIMKO: 

The biggest challenge for us this year is focused on diversification: we are actively working on the integration of new technologies in our processes and we also want to develop our business relations to make SICTA grow”. 


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